Reach your goals!

My 6 month program focuses on clear steps to help you change daily habits to achieve your weight loss goals. As your personal health coach, I start by getting to know you, so that every step moving forward is specifically designed for your happiness.


Phase 1: Getting to know you


We start with your full health and wellness profile to help us build a program unique to you: medical history, weight history, family history, challenges, eating habits, dieting history and social situation.


Phase 2: Establishing goals and healthy habits


Setting goals:

  • Take measurements

  • Clearly identify your goals

  • Set short term and long term objectives

  • Put in place a healthy reward system


Introducing healthy habits:

  • Identify negative habits

  • Replace them with positive habits that promote your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn energy

  • Put in place an eating schedule that enhances your body’s ability to burn calories

  • Introduce new foods that promote weight loss and decrease the risk of cancers, aging and other chronic diseases


Phase 3: Planning for long term success


  • Establish a system for you to easily maintain these changes for life, without feeling restricted

  • Build strategies to maintain your healthy changes in restaurants, when eating out, or for special occasions

  • Learn how to separate hunger cues from emotional eating, and develop strategies to deal with emotional eating, or other non-hunger reasons for eating

Are you ready to ditch the magic pills and take the next step towards real weight loss?