NRK Ep.5 - 6 Foods you should be including in your diet

Have you ever tried turmeric tea? Chia pudding or a matcha latte? Fresh or dried herbs sprinkled on a salad? These ingredients are super easy to add your diet in different ways and all have one amazing thing in common: they help reduce inflammation in your body!

Inflammation is at the heart of many illnesses and conditions, from eczema to various cancers. It's even thought to play a role in Alzheimer's. But small changes to an already healthy diet can help reduce your chances of developing these conditions, and help manage symptoms if you do have one.

Now, there's a super important phrase I just used: "an already healthy diet". An overall healthy diet rich in veggies and whole grains is the best thing you can do for yourself. The. Best. Hands down. Matcha cheesecake just isn't gonna cut it. But matcha cheesecake once in a while and healthy habits the rest of the time is just fine. Watch our latest video for the secret to Nick's hat and some tips for adding my favourite anti-inflammatory foods to your healthy diet.

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