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Man cannot live on smoothies alone!

Healthy lifestyles and healthy weight do not come from fad diets, magic pills or whatever health craze Kylie Jenner is pushing this week. They come from understanding our bodies’ relationship to food and developing habits that take advantage of the many health benefits food has to offer.

As a registered dietitian, this isn’t just something I believe. It’s something I know, based on years of study, research and experience in nutrition and weight loss.

That’s why on Tuesday, May 24th @ 6:30PM and 8:00, I’ll be leading the event Nutrition Workshop: Food Groups and FAD Diets.

During this workshop, you’ll learn about the various roles of vitamins and minerals, where to get them, and how to choose foods that maximize your health.

You’ll also be able to ask your burning health and nutrition questions!

The event is being hosted by THRU Spot, an amazing organization dedicated to establishing what they call “neutral zones” where everybody is welcome and encouraged to gather and share ideas in an open-minded, positive, sharing and caring environment.

I love THRU Spot’s philosophy of acceptance and harmony. It perfectly mirrors my approach to creating healthy lives by building a harmonious relationship with the food we eat. So naturally, I’m very excited to be leading this workshop in partnership with them.

If you are in the Montreal area and interested in joining us for this workshop, sign up through the Facebook event page, or directly through the Eventbrite page.

I look forward to meeting with you!!

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